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Why does a sale have to be and what does that mean for a small label like boochen?

We have been dealing with these questions more than ever this year. We love every one of our articles.

But to be honest, we have produced a little too much merchandise this year. Our production volume for 2022 is based on last year's sales volume. Unfortunately, we can't look into the future and so we couldn't foresee during the planning stage that sales this season would be so much lower than in 2021, for many understandable reasons.

Throwing away or destroying the overproduced goods is of course out of the question for us. For us, it is not about emptying the warehouse in order to quickly fill it again with a new collection.

Unfortunately, for us it's about the survival of boochen. So we use the summer sale and try, despite the serious situation, to see something positive in it.

We hope that the greatly reduced prices will appeal to more people. So that one or the other can decide for a boochen style and against fast fashion. :)

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